The Bridges Trust

Chris Brummitt (Finance and Operations Manager; Company Secretary)

I was appointed Finance and Operations Manager with effect from 1st April 2018.

I initially came to work for the Trust on a temporary basis in July 2008 . . . . and I'm still here!

I have many years experience of working in various office/admin roles and also voluntary roles for small community groups.

I'm not a local person, (I live on the outskirts of Lincoln), but I am fully commited to the work of the Trust and to supporting the local community.

I have a fantastic team working with me, John, our political animal Senior Employment Adviser; Natalie, our would be Masterchef; Sam, our artistic Administrator; Ingrid, our warm and welcoming receptionist and Suzette, our bright and breezy cleaner who always brings a breath of fresh air into the office with her.

I can be contacted on:

Tel: 0115 6710201

Mob: 07960 648288