The Bridges Trust


Food Banks
Super Kitchens
Area 8 Youth Activites
Community Meetings
Concillor Ward Walks
Clifton Advice Centre (1)
Meadows Advice Group
Friends of Meadows Library
Clifton Library
Meadows Art Gallery
Meadows Bowls Group
Meadows Choir
Meadows Dance and Social Group
Meadows Youth Club
AMC Gardens
Holiday Activities for Youngsters
Full Gospel Revival
Other Community Events
2012 Olympic Flame

The role of The Bridges Community Trust in the Community

  • Organise or help to Organise or Faciilitate Local Events

  • Facilitate Local Partnership Meetings
  • Attend and Support Local Group Meetings

  • Production of local Area 8 Newsletter on a quarterly basis, and encourage residents/volunteers to produce articles/stories and information to be published in it

  • Facilitate Public Meetings/Community Consultations

  • Support Local Community Groups

  • Provide and source information on funding for projects

  • Assist groups with funding applications

  • And much more . . . .