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“We are grateful for all the help we receive and feel it gives us confidence to develop in different ways.”

NEMTRA (New Meadows Tenants and Residents Association)


It is your community, let us help  you own it

The Bridges Community Trust is here to support the local communities in the Meadows and Clifton; we will:

    •    help organise or support local events

    •    support you with funding applications

    •    help with marketing and publicity

    •    support volunteer training

    •    facilitate public meetings/consultations

    •    provide finance/admin support

“A fantastic organisation, accessible friendly staff, Clifton ABC wouldn't be where we are today without you and your support”

Garry Winning, Clifton Amateur Boxing


We offer the following services to the community.  Please call in and ask if you are unsure if we can help you.

We have FREE wifi access with unlimited fast broadband provided by Virgin Media.  SSD and PASSWORD are displayed within the reception area, please ask if you need help connecting.

Telephone: do you need to make a call or require help to make a call?  We offer FREE use of our telephone for use in job searches and benefit related enquires. 

Photocopying/Printing: We are able to copy in colour/black & white, enlarge/reduce (A3/A5) and print documents.  Laminating in A4/A3 sizes.  A modest fee is charged for various services, please speak to us to find out more.

We have public use PCs for browsing the web and email.  All machines have Office installed.  You may use a memory stick to bring or take documents.  

Support will always be provided so please ask us.




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