The Bridges Trust

Partner Quotes

It's nice to get feedback from the clients who we help.  We also receive feedback from our working partners. . .

We are delighted with the work club sessions at Clifton Library which are very professionally run. The staff are friendly and enthusiastic, and always take the trouble to let us know how many people attended and the progress they are making. Many work club members come to the library between sessions to practice their computer skills, work on their CV, and look for jobs and it is good to see their confidence grow. The support is of great value for those who may be out of work for some time and also provides customers with the skills they need to seek out new opportunities in the future.

James and Ann-Louise, along with Lisa from Futures, do a wonderful job engaging with the community, they are all very friendly, helpful and all round excellent people! They work exceptionally well with the library staff, communicate well with both us and their clients and are never less than fantastic.

Ruth Hawley and Clifton Library Staff 2018


Finding and keeping work is so difficult for many of our clients at the moment. That is why it is so important to have such a knowledgeable team, based in the Meadows, who can give them the support they need.

Martyn Neal, Meadows Advice Group 2018