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Ian's Story

Ian was made redundant in 2017, having previously worked in the warehouse sector for over 35 years.  Ian, who was in his mid-fifties, was unemployed for first time in his life and had no idea where to turn for support.

The Bridges Community Trust run a weekly Jobs Club in Clifton Library and this is where we met Ian, who explained his precarious situation.  As Ian had never previously had to find work, he didn't know how to create a CV,   how to use a computer or where to look for vacancies.

The redundancy and unemployment had a negative effect on Ian's mental health; he found himself constantly feeling dejected and despondent, which led him to considering taking his own life.  We supported him to attend emergency medical appointmnets and access the Talking Therapies service, who continue to work with him.

As well as this, we held Ian write a new CV, displaying his skills and experience and assissted him to job search each week.  Over time, Ian also learnt basic IT skills so that he could job search alone and access his emails confidently and independently.

This intensive and person-centre support resulted in Ian growing in confidence and had a vast improvement in his mental health.  He even appeared on Notts TV to tell his story.

Ian has recently started work with DHL, where he is a valued and respected member of their warehouse dispatch team.

"Everyone at The Bridges Community Trust has helped me so much, without them, I wouldn't be here today"

Colin's story (name has been changed)

Colin was a self-employed business owner running a computer repair service but when his business declined he went into debt and was made bankrupt and his "normal way of life disappeared."

Due to debts, alcohol dependency and the break-up of his marriage, he was left homeless and suffering with severe depression. Whilst living in a hostel close to the Meadows, he saw a copy of our monthly newsletter, showing the support and resources available at the One Stop Shop. Colin booked an appointment for an advice session.

Over the next few months we worked to remove barriers that were preventing him from returning to work; including employability skills, debt advice and training sessions on confidence and motivation workshops. These included one-to-one advice sessions and referrals to specialist providers to help him to get onto more stable financial footing and to deal with the alcohol dependency.

Five months on, Colin gained employment as an IT Support Technician, earning £18,000 a year. He has now been employed for 3 years, has moved into a council property and has regained his confidence.

"Thanks to the support and understanding from the One Stop Shop team, my life has changed. I am so glad I made the phone call."

Conrad's story

Conrad hadn't worked for a couple of years, after a nasty workplace accident left him with an injury. He came to The Bridges Community Trust desperate to get back into work. With two young children and a partner to provide for, he needed help to get back into work as soon as possible.

Over a six-month period, we worked with Conrad on a one-to-one basis, creating a good standard of CV, providing advice and guidance on how to look for work and how to apply for jobs. He was also really interested in the idea of starting his own landscaping business and wanted to explore this.

During his time with The Bridges Community Trust, as well as working with Conrad to develop his CV and employability skills, we also signposted him to the Princes Trust so that he could get advice about starting a business and we designed and purchased marketing materials for him.

When Conrad completed his course with The Princes Trust, we helped him to write a successful application to Y-Notts (one of our referral partners), who purchased £3000-worth of tools and equipment on his behalf.

As a result of the time we spent with Conrad, he felt more confident to realise his aspiration to start his own business and has successfully begun trading in the local area as a landscaper.

"Without the support and guidance of The Bridges Community Trust I would have found it difficult to start up my own business."

For the last 20 years, The Bridges Community Trust has helped hundreds of local people to get back into work and to realise their potential in all aspects of their life.